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The bare scaffolding rental service consists of the material hire excluding the assembly and dismantling service, while the operated equipment rental provides a turnkey service package which includes not only the material hire, but also its transportation, assembly and dismantling. In various occasions, to the customers which opt for the bare scaffold rental solution, our company offers  to manage the planning stage  in order to avoid any difficulty which may arise during the staging.

The hired material is carefully selected and organized in designated metal containers, in order to be easily loaded for the transportation.

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The materials pick up and the delivery to the customers site can be operated also by our vehicles, enabling a fast loading and unloading process directly in the suitable areas.

Where the building of high dimension or peculiar scaffold systems is required, we suggest the customer to opt for a bare hire solution since it enables a greater choice of building systems, facilitating the work of the trusted planner during the stage of the execution drawings.

In addition, we advise to commission the assembly and dismantling service to a specialized company only after a detailed and exhaustive design of the scaffold system has been defined.

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The know-how that we have developed, enables our company  to cope with every kind of difficulty which may arise, making even the most problematic issue simple and manageable.

Beside the scaffolds turnkey rental solution, our company offers its customers also single services such as:

  • Bare hire scaffoldings rental

  • Scaffoldings assembly and dismantling service

  • Consultancy and planning of scaffoldings construction

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