Dry Ice Blasting: modern technical solutions

Dry Ice Blasting is a cleaning system for stone, metal, wood and brick products which enables an accurate surface cleaning by means of dry ice without any abrasion, use of water nor chemical products.

The Dry Ice Blasting is a dry cleaning system which enables the removal of surface deposit through a thermal shock, without residue.

This kind of Blasting represents an alternative and ecological solution with respect to the traditional cleaning systems. This method guarantees the surfaces preservation and the respect of the work environment.

  • No abrasion of the treated surfaces

  • No use of chemical products

  • No need of work areas delimitation

  • No emission of polluters

  • Working time optimization

  • No toxicity risks for the operator

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The dry ice blasting system, in addition to the drastic reduction of the working times, it is absolutely clean and cancels the disposal costs of processing by-products.

Our company offers professional support during the various stages, from the feasibility study to the planning and monitoring of the work progress becoming an integral part of the customer project and contributing the project output.

  • Compliance of the  Safety Regulations

  • Highly specialized Personnel

  • Delivery Compliance management

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