Total and partial renovation of facades, ledges, balconies, cavities, chimneys

Zamar Srl is specialized in renovation and maintenance works rope access in total or partial absence of scaffolding supports. As first step, our competent technicians, architects, engineers and surveyors make a on-site inspection in order  to realize a work assessment and submit a free quotation. During the second step, after the work assignment, our expert rope workers start with the renovation of facades, ledges, balconies, cavities, and – chimneys /stacks in first place through the inspection and scaling of unstable and detaching material; in second place the cleaning of the grounds and the reconstruction of the missing parts.

To conclude, a finishing with high performance materials  will be realized. In cases where a reinforced concrete rebuilding is necessary, the renovation work will include a brushing treatment of the iron parts and the use of rust converters.

Restoration and maintenance of building covering systems

Zamar Srl is specialized in total and partial restoration works of  covering systems and roofing, which are the building most exposed parts subject to weathering.

In first place our operators start with the roofing inspection and the removal of potential detaching parts that could clog up the pipes. In second place they restore or replace the damaged parts and if required they go on with the total renovation of the roofing providing the thermal insulation structure and adopting waterproofing measures to ensure beneficial results for the building residents.

  • cost saving (thanks to energy-saving) in first place as a result of a good insulation which gives the possibility of  significant savings of the heating costs.

  • high comfort for the building residents thanks to a thermal and sound coat insulation of highest quality

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Bitumen-polymer coatings and building maintenance services

One of the most requested services of our company is the delivery of rooftops and ledges coatings, because of our staff proficiency in rope works and a deep knowledge of mountaineering techniques.

Zamar Srl is specialized in the realization of coating works for roofs, paved roof terraces, and housetops adopting highest quality bitumen-polymer waterproofing membranes and sheaths.

Maximum safety and quality of work:

Our professionals, highly trained for years in the field of mountaineering and caving, all have carried out the training course for the use of rope access and positioning techniques of natural and man-made sites.

Each operation is carefully evaluated by our internal staff that will draw up all the documentation for the safety (security operational plan as per Legislative Decree 81/08) to be submitted to the project manager or contractor before work.

In all work at height on ropes are used technical equipment (Personal Protective Equipment) specially created for the purpose, certified according to the UNI EN and subjected to rigorous quality controls.

The right solution for every need

Our company offers professional support during the various stages, from the feasibility study to the planning and monitoring of the work progress becoming an integral part of the customer project and contributing the project output.

  • Compliance of the  Safety Regulations

  • Highly specialized Personnel

  • Delivery Compliance management

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