Suspended scaffolding rental

Zamar Srl is the absolute leader in the rental of suspended scaffolding for bridges and viaducts. Suspended scaffolding is very useful in rapid maintenance operations in which it is easier to install the support of the working scaffolding on the terrace of the building rather than placing a scaffolding starting from the countryside level. These scaffoldings allow easy access to all parts of the facade of a building.

The suspended scaffolding rental is characterized by the ease of assembly and disassembly based on the type of work to be performed: ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of buildings of considerable height, bridges, works of art and any other surface that does not allow, due to the own nature, the processing with normal means of elevation, you can choose the use of suspended scaffolding with ropes or rope scaffolding.

  • Suspended rope scaffolding

  • Manual suspended scaffolding

  • Motorized suspended scaffolding

Turnkey scaffolding rental

Our company provides its customers with a rounded management of the entire scaffoldings rental process, including the planning stage, the transportation and dismantling, always fulfilling the given current regulations.

Absolute relevance is given to the compliance of the due dates and commitments agreed with the customer. As regards to the operated equipment rental in the building of scaffoldings and provisional works, our company is able to manage every stage thanks to expert technicians and professional staff provided with the proper qualifications. Every step from the planning phase to the preliminary assessment, including the building regulations approval of the provisional works and the periodic monitoring is conducted in order to fulfill all the requirements of the end user.

Zamar Srl focuses in all its building sites on the development of strict procedures for the preliminary work assessments, the research and choice of the appropriate materials and technical facilities, the information and training of the staff, as well as on the adoption of the most efficient prevention measures and personal protection items.

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The right solution for every need

Our know-how enables our company to cope with every kind of difficulty which may arise, making even the most problematic issue simple and manageable.

Beside the scaffolds turnkey rental solution, our company offers its customers also single services such as:

  • Bare hire scaffoldings rental

  • Scaffoldings assembly and dismantling service

  • Consultancy and planning of scaffoldings construction

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