Rope access and work at height

We execute rope access at height with no support scaffoldings in total safety. In this way, we can provide our customers with convenient solutions in terms of time and cost effectiveness, cutting the expenses for the adoption of scaffolding structures and forklift baskets  in relation to the work to be performed.

In addition, we propose this kind of service in particular situations: when the staging of scaffolding is not possible, when the work area is not reachable by a forklift basket or the ground is not stable, and when the job to be performed is relatively small.

  • Cost reduction: the choice of rope works brings in most cases the cut of scaffolding rental costs, a consistent assembly processing and machinery installation time reduction.

  • Visual impact reduction: thanks to rope works it is possible to avoid the building of permanent scaffolding structure and, given the minimum size required, the working at height operators have to possibility to dismantle and reassemble their equipment after every intervention.

  • Rapidity of intervention: unlike the significant quantity of  time required for the installation of  scaffolding structures and construction machinery, the rope working operators can move and act faster.

  • Operational autonomy: every operation can be performed independently, giving the customer the possibility of a dynamic planning by interrupting and resuming the work at any time.

  • Maximum safety: given the presence of single operators at work, the accident risk for the pedestrians during work stoppage is much lower in comparison with a construction site.

  • Targeted interventions: rope works enable the operators to reach areas where the staging of scaffolding is not possible, making possible every kind of intervention needed.

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Maximum safety and quality of work:

Our professionals, highly trained for years in the field of mountaineering and caving, all have carried out the training course for the use of rope access and positioning techniques of natural and man-made sites.

Each operation is carefully evaluated by our internal staff that will draw up all the documentation for the safety (security operational plan as per Legislative Decree 81/08) to be submitted to the project manager or contractor before work.

In all work at height on ropes are used technical equipment (Personal Protective Equipment) specially created for the purpose, certified according to the UNI EN and subjected to rigorous quality controls.

The right solution for every need

Our company offers professional support during the various stages, from the feasibility study to the planning and monitoring of the work progress becoming an integral part of the customer project and contributing the project output.

  • Compliance of the  Safety Regulations

  • Highly specialized Personnel

  • Delivery Compliance management

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