Light and functional structures

Our provisional covering systems are built by means of prefab galvanized steel beams and PVC sheets in order to reach high positioned lightening, keeping the lightness of the structure.

Particularly useful in renovation works of roofing and inhabitable attics, our provisional structures enable maximum safety and comfortable work conditions in all types of weather with no risk for the quality performance.

Very often construction companies are forced to work stoppage when they operate outdoor during sub-optimal seasons with inconvenient weather conditions. For this reason, it is a good practice to organize their intervention planning a temporary covering systems to safeguard the operators and their work.

As mentioned above, the adoption of temporary covering systems is particularly useful in the increasing renovation works of roofing and inhabitable attics. As a matter of fact, it would be inconceivable nowadays the removal of residential buildings roofing without the installation of temporary covering systems for protection.

Such coverings can be easily integrated with every kind of prefab multi-story scaffoldings, joint-tube  and multidirectional structures, prefabricated tribunes.

Zamar is at the cutting edge in the adoption of stretch film with a wide variety of uses. Our company is able to create single wrappings as an alternative to traditional covering, encapsulation and containment.

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