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Zamar Srl is a leader company in the rental, planning and manufacturing of scaffoldings and provisional works for the building, manufacturing, energy, petrochemical and naval industry sectors.
Zamar Srl has established several partnerships with relevant company groups at National and International level, providing scaffoldings and support services for the realization of large-scale civil and industrial works.

Among our customers several construction companies, public works builders, petrochemical, Energy and naval operating groups, council and regional authorities, sport societies and many well-known event service agencies.

Turnkey scaffoldings rental

Our company provides its customers with a rounded management of the entire scaffoldings rental process, including the planning stage, the transportation and dismantling, always fulfilling the given current regulations. Absolute relevance is given to the compliance of the due dates and commitments agreed with the customer.

As regards to the operated equipment rental in the building of scaffoldings and provisional works, our company in able to manage every stage thanks to expert technicians and professional staff provided with the proper qualifications. Every step from the planning phase to the preliminary assessment, including the building regulations approval of the provisional works and the periodic monitoring are conducted in order to fulfill all the requirements of the end user.

Zamar Srl focuses in all its building sites on the development of strict procedures for the preliminary work assessments, the research and choice of the appropriate materials and technical facilities, the information and training of the staff, as well as on the adoption of the most efficient prevention measures  and personal protection items.

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The right solution for every need

The know-how that we have developed, enables our company  to cope with every kind of difficulty which may arise, making even the most problematic issue simple and manageable.

Beside the scaffolds turnkey rental solution, our company offers its customers also single services such as:

  • Bare hire scaffoldings rental

  • Scaffoldings assembly and dismantling service

  • Consultancy and planning of scaffoldings construction



This typology of scaffolding is surely the most adaptable, since its frame system enables the pipes conjunction in every position and to every required distance.  Furthermore, it  enables  the adjustment  of  the provisional building structure to every type of façade or industrial product, facilitating the realization of the even most peculiar and irregular structures. On the other side, the joint-tube scaffolding requires the work of high specialized staff and long processing times.

  • suitable for renovation, construction works and performance stages.


Because of its easy assembly, this type of scaffolding is the most frequently used, especially by non specialized companies. In fact, short processing times and the lower costs of non-specialized personnel make this material more business attractive. However, it should be considered that the poor versatility of the products given to both vertical and horizontal prefixed distances, often make it necessary to integrate this system with other materials like joint-tubes and wood boards.

  • suitable for renovation and construction works.


This typology of scaffolding combines the joint-tube versatility and ease of prefab frames. This kind of product, which is very common in Europe, has been introduced in Italy only recently. Its processing times occupy a middle position among the average times of the other products described above, and also no specialized personnel is required –  in fact, the knowledge of the multiple structure components is  sufficient. Nevertheless, the purchase price of this product is higher.

  • suitable for performance stages.


This type of scaffolding system is used  mainly in the maintenance works of high buildings with uniform heights. In fact, the work platform built at the bottom of the structure which is electrically climbed on gauge lines, cannot overcome barriers of different sizes. This working system can be built to reach severe heights  with no proportional assembly price increase  and enabling a simple and fast processing for the users. However, the overhead transportation of personnel (from the scaffold to the building) and the platform modification are strictly forbidden and no safety measures to prevent falling objects (eg. Flake of plasters) are provided. In addition, the costs are quite high.

  • suitable for renovation works.

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